Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pope Francis’s Visit to the U.S.A.

Pope Francis’s Visit Essay
Author:  Anjali G.K, (12 year old)
            As many people know, Pope Francis is currently in the US, giving speeches on his beliefs many of which include interesting ones on climate change. A couple of days ago he addressed Congress on this issue but being as this is such a controversial topic, one of the senators had actually boycotted the speech because he hadn’t agreed with the Pope’s views on the subject. “Solemn commitments, however, are not enough even though they are a necessary step towards solutions,” that was one of the quotes from his speech which made a lot of sense to me. While he projected it towards the need for a solution to climate change, the sentence can be applied to many things. It is to my thinking that he is talking about how people can make promises and commit to something but that means absolutely nothing unless you follow through with it and make a change to this world.
            This event was extremely significant because I do believe it really opened mine and many other people’s eyes. As he said in the first speech he made at the white house, we can’t leave these problems to future generations and we need to take care of them now. I think there was a very important reason he spoke in English, it was almost as if he addressed everyone very personally and went out of his way to pronounce these words just so that he could present a very important speech. I don’t think that it was very significant that he spoke out at the certain moment but I do think it was significant he spoke in Washington DC because it is our nation’s capital. Also, I do think the particular speech was also significant because he’s such an important religious figure and most things he says people think about often and have a huge impact on the world.
            The overall message of this was about how we need to shape our world and take care of it because every living creature does rely heavily on it. “Any harm done to the environment, therefore, is harm done to humanity.” That is one of the many memorable quotes that stuck with me. Later on in the speech Pope Francis talks about how harming the earth we are destroying what God gave us, and with each harmful act we make, we change humanity for the worse. The main idea I gathered from this speech is that if the world works together to conserve our planet it will prosper and along with that, as will the rest of humanity.
            I do believe that this will make a huge impact on how everyone operates together to protect our earth. As mentioned earlier, he is an important figure seeing as a large percentage of the population is Christian, and even if people aren’t, many still support his views and the way he handles problems. He has strong and important beliefs and I do believe many people will take what he says into consideration and will possibly change the way that we are currently handling this issue.
Personally, I thought what the Pope said was brilliant. His views are unique and ideas potentially helpful if they will be put into action. I agree that our earth is a gift from God and should be cared for sufficiently so that it is safe for us and many generations to come in the future. If I was able to ask Pope Francis a couple of questions or were able to comment on his speech I would praise him for all the work he has done so far and ask him specifically how he proposes to fix this issue. Overall, this speech was extremely inspiring and I hope many other important political people take into consideration his ideas and make our world change for the better.