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Mission and Projects of Sowing Seeds for the Future (SS4F)

Sowing Seeds for the Future (SS4F)

Mission and Projects

The Sowing Seeds for the Future Organization (SS4F) is a nonprofit public charity

whose mission is to advocate for children rights to health, education and dignity in

Colombia, South America.

IN THE USA.  Contact us at


Currently, the SS4F is working towards assisting with the humanitarian crisis in

Chocó, Colombia.  The following are some of the statistics obtained:

1.  Childhood mortality 100:1000 (DANE) *

2.  Children from 5-10 years old die due to hunger (RCN, 2012)**

3.  Children malnutrition and anemia 73% (ICBF) ***

4.  Maternal mortality 358:100.000

5.  Poverty index 67% (DANE) *

6.  Unemployment 60% (Archdiocese of Quibdó)

7.  Minimal Infrastructure in the whole department.

8.  Twelve hospitals without water, electricity and salaries to personnel.

The following are some of the Projects that we are working on:

1.  Maternal and Child Mortality:

Goal:  To reduce the maternal mortality rate of 358:100.000.  The SS4F is working

-The “Midwives Network of Chocó” (Red de Parteras del Chocó) led by nurse Ledy          

Manuela Mosquera  in Quibdó, Chocó, Colombia.

Childbirth kits have been sent along with backpacks and equipment (stethoscopes,

blood pressure cuffs, etc.) for the midwives who travel by river to deliver babies in

the jungle and rural areas.

- Online training is provided for the midwives, on topics such as prenatal care,

  birth complications, ethics by Licensed Nurses from the Regions Hospital, in St. Paul, MN.

2. Hunger and Malnutrition:

Goal:  To reduce hunger and malnutrition of children in Chocó. We partnered with:

- We are working with Father Daniel Saldarriaga, who has organized 19 Food Banks in Colombia.
   We would like to start a Food Bank in Chocó.

3. Poverty, Unemployment and Minimal Infrastructure:

Goal:  To end poverty by providing employment, and developing infrastructure.
The SSFF has partnered with the Civic Committee for the Construction of the 

Colombia Interoceanic Canal,  to advocate for the development of the infra-

structure in the region, to provide employment for 1.6 million people and make use

of the many natural resources in Choco, Colombia.

We Advocate for the following projects:

1. Creation of a Private Association (AP) with landowners of the Canal Zone

with existing scripts registered before June 30, 2014.

2. Update the drafts of Route # 25A Humboldt-Bay, Colombia Bay.

3. Update economic studies done in New York in 1964 archived at the

Transportation Department in Fontibón, Colombia.

4. Lobbying for tax-free zone in the Canal Zone for construction and new industries

5. Lobby to secure the prohibition of exports of the Platinum and the Construction of a Platinum Refinery in Condoto.

*    DANE:  Departamento Administrativo Nacional de Estadistica.   (National Adm. Dept. of Statistics)
**  RCN:     Radio Cadena Nacional (National Radio Station).
*** ICBF:    Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar. (Colombian Institute of Family Welfare).